The organ affected most by the lack of exercise, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle is the Heart. The blood pumper works 24*7 to keep your blood supply in order. It’s the organ that never goes to sleep. An unhealthy lifestyle highly elevates your chances of having a cardiac arrest. You owe your heart a considerable amount of concern and care. That’s where cardio therapy comes to the fore. If your sedentary lifestyle is taking a toll on your heart, then it is time to opt for our cardio therapy sessions.

It is a specialized program in which you are trained about exercise and lifestyle aimed at improving the condition of your heart. It not only helps in alleviating the chances of cardiac problems but also helps you improve your current health condition. Both, people recovering from cardiac issues or people having the risk of developing one can opt for this therapy. It involves inputs from exercise specialists and nutritionists to improve your overall and cardiac health.


We also offer Crossfit Exercise sessions. In case you are new to this term, let us introduce the exercise which has taken the fitness world by storm. It is a high-intensity training form that necessarily constitutes various rigorous workouts. You will find a wide variety of push-ups, squats and weight lifting forms to boost your strength. The approach differs in the timing of the sessions which are predetermined. In contrast, the traditional methods involved covering the sessions in any period of the recommended time. These workouts are based on the theory that exercising using distance, speed and loads helps the members achieve greater strength. There is the use of specialized equipment like medicine balls, speed ropes, and ploy boxes. Kettlebells, rings, and rowers, and bikes may also be used. Of course, the workout sessions can be modified according to the fitness level and age of the participants. Our gym offers Crossfit Training under the able guidance of our exceptional trainers.


If you thought yoga is the prerogative of only the saffron-attired gurus, you have got it all wrong. We proudly offer holistic training which not only affects your physical health but also develops your mental health and spirituality quotient. The age-old exercise form which originated in India is one of the hot favorites of all the generations. We offer various forms of yogic exercise -pranayams, asanas, and mudras. The plus point of yoga is that it can be done by people of all ages and as per their health conditions. So get ready to pull off the most magical poses and get the miraculous health benefits that none other exercise can attain. We will perfect you in the art whether it is Surya Namaskar, Pranayama or Yogasanas, take our word for it. So if you are a patron of the age-old exercise form, then we have got it all for you.


We know many of you might be just obsessed with dance and no other exercise form appeals to you. If you want to sway your way to good health, then we have just the right dance form for you. Get enrolled for our classes specifically designed for the super movers. Get ready to enjoy and reach your fitness goals laughing and smiling. The dance form includes hops, jumps, and movements just good enough to burn your calories while you get your jive in glee.

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