The organ affected most by the lack of exercise, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle is the Heart.


Let us introduce the exercise which has taken the fitness world by storm.


If you thought yoga is the prerogative of only the saffron-attired gurus, you have got it all wrong.


Many of you might be just obsessed with dance and no other exercise.

About Fitness Matters

Our gym is the most sought-after in Ambajogai. Facilities galore at our gym-whether you are looking for air-conditioned interiors or the latest equipment. Not to forget the certified trainers with years of experience. We bet you will be bowled over by the world-class facilities that our gym houses.

All the sessions are carried out under the able guidance of our seasoned trainers. We offer a wide range of activities you can choose to sweat out in. You have a bouquet full of choices with Weight training, Zumba, Yoga, and Functional Training. However, the array of choices does not end there. We are proud to extend Cardiotherapy, Crossfit training, Aerobics, and Kickboxing –all under one roof. If you are a steam bath buff, you can avail yourself of the facility here. We don’t stop at imparting exercise training. We also offer nutritional advice and diet food at our diet point. So, deal with all the weight problems, health concerns, and nutrition issues with our experts.

Flexible Membership

With the pandemic cases dwindling, it is just the right time to get back into your fitness routine. If you have slumped into the incorrect way of living, ditch your sedentary ways and walk into our fitness temple. We are willing to renew the old memberships and offer new ones. We offer premium services at reasonable costs under a single roof. With all the plus points, you will never find a reason to be disinterested once you avail of our services.

Offline or Online? Yes, the nightmare of covid seems to have ended but then the new variant is still a cause for concern. If you are one of our over-cautious clients, you can opt for online classes. So avail the opportunity of getting into shape from the comfort of your home till it becomes safer to step out.

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